The BSF is in the process of acquiring hi-tech equipments such as underground sensors, optical fibre cable, radars, electro optic sensors and micro aerostates.

Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed a substantial rise in infiltration from across the border in the recent months. Taking advantage of rough geographical conditions, terrorists from across the border sneak into the region to carry out terror strikes.

Now, the government has decided to install underwater and underground sensor systems, similar to those being used by Israel to secure its borders, to check infiltration and maintain a 24x7 vigil.

According to reports, authorities will be starting 'Operation Chakravyuh' to fit sensors along the Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat in July.

In the first phase, sensors will be put up at two places in Jammu and Kashmir. The BSF will be spending approximately Rs 18 to 20 crore for it. The BSF is in the process of acquiring hi-tech equipmens such as underground sensors, optical fibre cable, radars, electro-optic sensors and micro aerostates.


Plans are afoot to develop a 24 x7 centralised control room which will monitor all electronic surveillance systems put up along the Pakistan border.

The new radar system being installed in the border regions will relay a 360 degree view of the region to the control room.

Once the control room will receive any information about an infiltration attempt, the specialised cameras at the border will automatically set itself according to available coordinates to capture images of militants trying to sneak in.

Automatic guns put up with the cameras can also be operated from the control room to challenge the intruders. The underground and under water sensors will come fitted with specialised cameras which can capture any suspicious movement.


The sensors being installed at the borders will come fitted with cameras which will have the ability to in low light as well. These sensors will alert the control room in case of any movement near the borders.
Apart from the sensors, aerostate balloons will provide a birds eye view of the area to the control room in order to check any infiltration attempt in advance.



Home Minister Rajnath Singh had visited Israel in November, 2014. During the visit he took first hand view of how Israel guards its border with Palestine on the Gaza strip.  Rajnath had then said that India plans to implement some of the technologies to guard its border with Pakistan.

Surrounded by hostile neighbours, India has fought numerous wars to protect its sovereignty and as deterrent to any future hostility, it has one of most well-armed, trained and disciplined military force in the world. We take a look at the men and the weapons of the Indian armed forces.

Picture: Indian Air Force Sukhoi Su-30 MKI fighter aircraft patrol the skies over the Himalayas.


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