This week along WWE’s rumor mill is filled with upcoming Wrestlemania season and post-Royal Rumble scenario. WWE’s plan regarding Wrsestlemania has drastically changed and now the main event can be different altogether. TNA’s desperations to be relevant was also of the rumors this past week whereas a huge return could be on the card before WrestleMania. Here are the most must mentioned 5 rumors of the week.

Hulk Hogan to return before Wrestlemania

The sex tape and racial comments made the immortal one removed from WWE alumni list. He was immediately removed from every section from WWE after the tape had gone viral. According to the rumors the dust has been settled to a certain extent and Hogan may show up in time before Wrestlemania.

Though Hogan rejected the rumors by saying that he had no contact with WWE, but as far the nature of the wrestling business goes he can shock the world being present at the grandest stage.

Uncertainty regarding Daniel Bryan continues

The speculation regarding Bryan’s return continues. Doctors have cleared him once again after a test prior to Royal Rumble week and he is completely fit to wrestle. Rumors are that WWE has offered a set of tasks to him apart from in ring competition but he rejected it as he does not want to go beyond his passion.

 This may have frozen his contract with WWE but if the first set of rumors are true then the advertised returning superstar in recent times may very well end up to be Bryan.

Smackdown ratings to be boosted by Lesnar’s presence

After being promoted to USA network, WWE is all set to push its ratings harder by making Lesnar present at the show in the coming weeks. WWE needs bigger storylines to pull the B show but first they are planning to bring in Brock Lesnar for few a SmackDown shows and his presence is expected to be a big success story in the company’s latest mission. The expectation is that his presence will build up his rivalry with Wyatts to the next level.

Desperation time for TNA
Apparently before WWE have signed the Bullet club members i.e. AJ Styles, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, TNA too have roped in to get the stars but failed. They also had a setback after their tour was cancelled in December.

TNA is in no mood to give up despite the setback. They are looking to push their merchandise heavily in the coming weeks. Also, the India tour is now being revised for the next Summer.

Twist awaiting around the main event plans for Wrestlemania

There are still certain uncertainties what will be the main event of Wrestlemania. Though, the WWE championship match is set for triple H defending his title at the Dallas mega show but it will not be the only main event. Somehow, Bray Wyatt is set to interfere with the triple threat contender’s match at Fastlane.

The main event thus will be Bray Wyatt vs. Brock Lesnar at the greatest show’s 32nd edition. They are even planning to take the championship away somehow from Triple H and make the match for the WWE title more interesting. However, the scenario is not clear still.

source: sportzwiki

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