If 2015 was known for the half-knot, rainbow-coloured hair and power eyebrows, 2016 will celebrate individuality.

According to trend forecasters, the emphasis will be on adopting an unorthodox approach and focussing on just one element of the face. From strong statement lips to glittery lids, from shimmering blue shadow to androgynous make-up, here are the trends that you'll see in the months ahead.

# Blue eye shadows

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- Blue eye shadows ruled the runway in several spring 2016 fashion weeks. You can wear it bold or team it with shimmer. It's a trend that can be subtle or completely over the top, depending on how you want it. The best thing about them is that they accentuate your eye by adding a dash of bright colour and instantly light up your face.

 # almond-shaped or stiletto-nails


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- Say goodbye to round and square nails and hello to almond-shaped or stiletto-nails. Popularised by Kylie Jenner, who has posted abundant pictures of these on a photo-sharing site, these are easy to maintain and look chic. This style falls right in between a basic french mani and the stiletto design, which makes it practical yet cool enough to rock at a party. Matte nail polishes, glitter, nail art and artistic designs are ideal for them.

 # Braids

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- Braids have been popular, thanks to their easy-to-carry-off style. Taking this trend forward, the single braid also, known as the twist, will make a splash in 2016. Here, tresses will be slicked tight and plaited down the back. If you are unable to tie a good plait, then merely divide a ponytail in half and twist the sections around each other. It looks elegant and can be worn to work or for a night out.

 # eye shadow primer

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- It's more complicated than your average eye shadow but glitter ups your glam quotient instantly. Use an eye shadow primer if you have oily lids. This will create an even base and help the make-up last longer. Apply a glitter eye shadow and hold a clean tissue below your lower lash line to catch any strays. If you're not comfortable with full-on glitter, try it just in the corners of your lids or along your lower lash line.

# cat-eye make-up

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- Eight years ago, when Adele shot into the limelight, she became instantly famous not only because of her voice but also due to cat-eye make-up. Though a lengthy process, it is guaranteed to make you ultra glamorous. A combination of the smokey eye with oodles of mascara, it is ideal for a daytime look as well as that for a night out. Keep your lips neutral, add a dash of blusher and let your eyes do the talking.

# Gender-bending

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- Gender-bending beauty will go mainstream in 2016. Seek inspiration from Tilda Swinton or Rooney Mara to pull off this minimalist look. Think of your face as a blank canvas without any fancy eye make-up or bright lipstick. Opt for a BB cream to give your skin a nice dewy glow. Fill in your brows with powder and an eyebrow pencil. Curl your eyelashes, apply a transparent mascara and finish off with a nude, matte lipstick.


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