5 #Android #games You Will Love to #play this #weekend

It's finally weekend — time to unwind. How about picking up some interesting games to play? If you not sure which ones to play this weekend, here's help.

We bring you five Android games to make your weekend interesting and fun — and these all come free.

Hammer Time!


If you reminisce about angry birds and go back to it frequently this might be the new thrill game for you. Use the hammer to keep the rolling rocks from destroying the castle. Sounds easy? Playing isn't.

Size: 29MB

Tap Tycoon


This is game that involves an insane amount of tapping, so get ready for that. The objective is to collect enough money to make your country rich enough to fight a World War. Yes you read that right, a World War.

Size: 30MB

Two Dots


This is an addictive puzzle game where the player has to connect the dots of the same colour and finish the puzzle in the least number of moves possible.

Size: 50MB

Rise of Darkness


This one is bound to be a hit with the Diablo fans out there. Rise of Darkness is a hack and slash RPG that involves unique weapons, armor and other such wearables. This has great graphics that might push your smartphone to its performance limits.

Size: 148MB (with ingame download)

Asphalt Airborne 8


Nothing new needs to be said about an Asphalt game except this has new holiday effects like snow and frozen tracks. The cars and the gameplay are brilliant as always and would be a great way to spend the weekend over.

Size: 43MB (with ingame download)


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